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My new monkeybutt sister Lady Monkeybutt

Posted by samson007 on November 26, 2011

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On Nov 20th mom, dad and I went for a 3 hour car ride. We pulled into a Days Inn in Binghamton, NY and I thought we were going on vacation. Woohoo! Instead, we got out of the car and in the parking lot there was another car and a strange person and strange dalmatian. Hmmm, I was a nice guy and went over and said hello. Mom and the stranger talked for a minute and the stranger handed mom the leash (with the strange dalmatian attached) and the strange person drove away!

I did not see this one coming. My bestest friend Daisy crossed the bridge last month and I have been very lonely but…but….BUTT! (<<<I’ll explain in a minute)

Mom and dad loaded us in the back seat together and told me her name was Lady and she had just ridden all the way from Aiken, South Carolina and that she had been in a shelter for a year. They also said she was an old dog like me.

What do you think this new “Lady” did? She laid down, with her BIG BUTT right in my face and fell asleep!

Umm, I finally got her to move over but I had to hold her paw the whole way home.

She has been here about a week now so I guess she is going to stay. It’s nice to have a nap buddy while mom and dad are at work. I told her that dad is a good cook but kind of messy so she has been on kitchen patrol.

She also likes watching the squirrels in the backyard.






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13 Responses to “My new monkeybutt sister Lady Monkeybutt”

  1.   etgayle Says:

    napping buddies are the best kind. samson, it’s so kind of you to open your heart to lady, good karma buddy!!

    charon & gayle

  2.   riosmom Says:

    Samson, you are a true gentleman to share your home and your pawrents with this new girl, even though she stuck her butt in your face. Maybe she’s part Tripawd instead of Monkeybutt!


  3.   tatespeeps Says:

    Samson, you look so patient in that picture of your and Lady’s big butt. It’s nice of you to hold her paw so she won’t be nervous, and to share your little secrets like dad being a messy cook. I think you’ll be a great brother to Lady!

  4.   kviz Says:

    Jinx Monkeybutt says…

    “I just hate those meetings in parking lots in Binghamton! Nothing good ever comes of it!”

    Jinx Mom says…

    “Lady is so FAB and Samson is a handsome LOVE!”

  5.   Ginger Says:

    Dear Samson IQ 007,

    We all knew you were just an old softie!! Welcoming a new girl into your life is a good thing. Make sure you get all those squirrels, buddy.


  6.   AbbysMom Says:

    Samson, you are so sweet to hold Lady’s paw. I think she is going to love you a lot for being such a sweet boy to her.

    It’s nice of you to give her the tip about dad dropping the food too. Boy, you are generous!

    Hugs from me and kisses from Abby
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  7.   anjl Says:

    Aww Samson! I’m so proud of you! Shelter life has gotta be so hard on a Lady! How wonderful for here to find one to hold her paw….and her heart!

  8.   4hope Says:

    Samson, I’m glad that you found a new friend and that Lady will know the love and security of a furever home. It was nice of your folks to take in an older shelter dog ‘cuz they’re the best. You are a true gentleman, even though YOU ARE A MONKEYBUTT!! I will overlook that fact for now because you have been so nice to Lady.
    Hugs and big slobbery kisses,
    Spirit Hope

  9.   krun15 Says:

    Sampson, Sampson…. Lady is not an ‘old dog like you’, she is mature!! You are a good boy for welcoming her into your life- good things will come for both of you!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  10.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Samson, I am helping our Grandpa who is sick right now so Dakota and Evelyn are not here. They are home with a babysitter and they are In Charge. However, I know that they will both agree that this is a good thing for Lady, for your folks and for YOU!

    Evelyn will say this is one more possible Monkeybutt.

    Dakota will say this is a chance for you to act like a Gentleman.

    I say this is all about friends and fun and love. You get to have a new friend, do new and fun things and have another girl maybe love you almost (almost) as much as Daisy did. Samson, this is a special chance for Lady to have a little bit of the love you’ve had for so long. Show her how it’s done.

  11.   Monkeybutt-Bunny Vampire Pirate Says:

    Oh Samson!!!!
    This is worse than “Shock and Awe”! Our pawrents can sure pull some humdingers!!!!

    “Surprise! You have a new sister!” Sheesh! And just like that, you have a new sister! And since she is a girl, well – you have to be nice!

    Snuggle buddies are good. And that’s all I’m saying on the matter.

    Do you think she’ll be a monkeybutt to a monkeybutt or do you think she’ll be a good monkeybutt monkeydog? I’ll leave you to ponder that super pal.


  12.   jerry Says:

    Woooo hooo! A new sissy makes everything great. I know you dont’ think so now, but just wait, she will make your life so much fun! (Don’t listen to that MBBVP, he’s just jealous he doesn’t have a super sissy like Lady!)

  13.   doggiemomma9 Says:

    Life will be fun with a new sister! You just have to assert your “no butt zone”.

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